How to Pick a Travel Destination

How do you pick a destination?

Picking a destination is one of my favorite parts in the entire planning process. I love sitting down on a hammock, or on a big comfy couch and daydreaming about all the places I want to go; the possibilities are endless. I like to make a “dream list”  about a year in advance and set an intention on making it a reality. 

When it comes to choosing your travel destinations, start with a few of these easy steps:

Vision Board Get a big piece of paper (or a spreadsheet) and start writing down all the places you would love to go to. Think big!

Start Pinning Go on Pinterest and set up a dream board for your “travel bucket list.” Get inspiration from other boards, there are others already on there with breathtaking suggestions.

Narrow it Down Narrow down your top 10 or 20 choices for the next year. Sometimes you can visit a group of countries in one trip. If you plan to take a trip to Europe, visiting many countries actually very easy.

Safety Research current status of locations that interest you. Is it safe to visit? Is there any natural disaster that could affect your travel plans? Check the local government website and CDC for travel warnings.

When to go: Research the best times of year to travel to each of your top destinations. Find out when the monsoon or hurricane/tropical storm seasons are. What season is best for weather yet great for rates?

Connect flights Try to find out if there are any flights you can use for connections between destinations to get killer deals. Go to Google Flights and check different one way rates from destination to destination. When we want to go to Europe, we’ve learned that flying into Norway/Sweden/Denmark offers some of the best flight deals and cheap direct flights to any destination in Europe. For example, If I want to go to Mallorca, Spain, I may get a better rate if I go from NY to Oslo $200, then $40 to Mallorca rather than book NYC to Mallorca for $800+ one way.

Did this help you guys get some ideas? If so, where did you guys decide you want to go next? Post in a comment below : ) 

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