Fashion Bloggers Best Kept Secret to Having an Impeccable $40,000 Wardrobe

Have you ever noticed that Instagram Influencers and Fashion Bloggers seem to have an endless wardrobe of awesome clothing, bags and shoes? Same.

Of course many of these Influencers buy their own clothes and even get sent free products from endorsing brands, but some actually rent!


So if you could have a high end wardrobe, say access to $40,000 worth of luxury clothing per year, would you be interested?


Like my dress? Get it for $5.

Here’s $30 credit toward your Rent the Runway rental!


Rent the Runway offers just that. They have a few options for memberships, one where you can rent as you go, and others where you can rent unlimited outfits for $139+ per month.  How is that possible? Well you sign up (can cancel anytime!) for the $139 program, with this you can rent 3 items from their wardrobe, and when you are done with those items you send them back. If you are super savvy and want lots of sweet options, you can ship your outfit back at the end of each day, and as soon as it’s received you can get 3 brand new items. They pay for postage both ways. The return is super easy, the packages come pre-paid, so all you have to do is pop into a UPS store and drop it off, and you can get your tracking numbers to ensure the item makes it to RTR HQ.

I’ve wanted to try out rent the runway for years, but I always waited till the last minute and went shopping prior to events  – and spent tons on clothes (mostly dresses) that I now barely ever wear. So what’s the point? Why do we do that? Convenience? Because we can afford it? Do we really enjoy buying a $500+ dress that we only wear 1-3 times? I feel silly having dresses in my closet that i’ve only worn once, almost ashamed to admit that I do. I feel that money could be better placed somewhere else.

So that brings me back to Rent the Runway.

Last week I was in NYC with some friends. I realized the RTR flagship store was only a few blocks away from our hotel, so we decided to go check it out.  The store was beautiful from the outside and inside. The entire experience was fun, easy and efficient. I loved how I was able to sign up for a fitting room and get a text when my room was ready. I didn’t look long since we were in a rush, but I didn’t even need to – there were so many options and colors it was too easy.  I picked up two red dresses and a gold one and went to try them on. All three fit perfectly and were actually different sizes.  I decided to go with one of the red dresses, it was only $35 to rent it.  I told the sales person that I only needed it for one day, but she said the minimun rental was for 4 days, how cool? The dress I tried wasn’t super high end, but I can assure you that If I bought it – it would sit in my closet rotting away for years, which would still make it a waste to buy… It cost $495 retail, and rents for $35 per 4 day period.


IMG_4022 (2)IMG_4028 (1)

We picked up our dresses, ran over to sephora and got some new makeup, called an Uber and headed over to the Plaza hotel. We ran into the bathroom, got changed (still wearing our sneakers – we had just finished a yoga class), put on our makeup and went out and started shooting! We got some funny looks in the bathroom and in the halls of the Plaza, but we didn’t care – it was so fun to do something so out of the box. We had so much fun feeling glamourous walking around the Plaza hotel and central park, it was such a fun experience

IMG_4281.jpgI also rented a gorgeous BCBG jacket, so I could wear it for our night out. I got so many compliments on it, I almost wanted to keep it!

So that was my experience with Rent the Runway  : )

Whether you need some cute outfits for a vacation, a gown for a wedding, bridesmaid dresses, or something cute to wear on a date – I highly reccomend renting!



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